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Titles: Tenure Track Faculty–All Storrs Based Campuses


Titles: Tenure Track Faculty–All Storrs Based Campuses

Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor

Instructor (Degree Pending)

Variables: Reimbursement of Moving Expenses, Degree Pending

Start-up Package, License Requirement

Dear ______:

I am pleased to offer you the tenure track position of ______ in the Department of ______, College/School of ______ at the University of Connecticut with a start date of ______. This position reports to [Department Head, Dean] and is a full-time [nine-month or ten-month] position with a starting salary of ______.

Your salary is based on a [nine-month or ten-month] appointment and paid biweekly over twelve months. You will receive the first biweekly pay check two weeks after the close of the pay period in which you are hired, contingent upon all required documentation being in place. Your continued employment is conditional upon the timely completion of an approved I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form).

[For nine-month faculty] As a spring semester hire, you are entitled to half of your annual salary for the balance of the academic year. To avoid interruption in salary and health benefits for the summer months, the University will prorate your salary at 78% of the annual salary rate for the period January 1 through August 22, ______. Effective August 23, ______ your salary will be increased to 100% of the annual salary rate.

Degree Pending, if applicable: http://www.hr.uconn.edu/docs/ol_FAC_Variables.doc

License Requirement, if applicable: http://www.hr.uconn.edu/docs/ol_FAC_Variables.doc

Tenure Upon Hire with BOT Approval, if applicable: http://www.hr.uconn.edu/docs/ol_FAC_Variables.doc

This position may lead to permanent academic tenure according to the University of Connecticut Laws, By-Laws and Rules. You will be subject to annual reappointment reviews. Your formal third-year reappointment review will occur in the Fall of _______, and consideration for academic tenure will occur in the Fall of ______. If tenure is awarded, it will become effective at the beginning of the ______ semester of ______.

[Insert specifics of the appointment such as teaching, research, public engagement, service expectations, start-up package. If offering a start-up package, include who will provide the funds and the date range for the funds to be used-available by x date and must be used by x date.]

Please be aware that the University has a Board of Trustees approved policy regarding consulting.  The policy, related documents, and training materials may be found at consulting.uconn.edu.  Approval to consult must be obtained prior to the start of the activity. If you are currently engaged in consulting activities, you may wish to contact the Faculty Consulting Office on your campus prior to your hire date in order to ensure you are compliant with this rule.

If you accept our offer, we invite you to the University’s New Employee Orientation in the Human Resources Department on Friday [insert payroll date] at 9:00 a.m. At New Employee Orientation, you will be made aware of State of Connecticut and University policies, complete payroll forms to expedite your first paycheck, begin benefits enrollment and obtain a campus parking permit. To facilitate payroll and benefits enrollment, please bring with you: personal identification noted on the enclosed I-9 Verification Instructions, your marriage/legal union certificate (if applicable) and a birth certificate for each dependent (if applicable). Directions to Human Resources are also enclosed.

If you are unable to attend New Employee Orientation, information regarding the University’s comprehensive benefits programs, including health, life and disability insurance as well as retirement plans, is available at http://www.hr.uconn.edu. A representative from the Employee Benefits Unit is available to discuss enrollment in these benefits. Please contact the Employee Benefits Unit at benefits@uconn.edu or (860) 486-0400 to schedule an enrollment session. Other terms and conditions of your employment are contained in the collective bargaining agreement between the University of Connecticut and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).  A copy of the collective bargaining agreement may be found on the AAUP Website at: /.

You will be issued a University network identifier, known as a NetID, which allows access to various computing services at the University. There are multiple methods by which you may learn your NetID: (1) You will receive a letter via mail to your home providing you with your NetID and instructions for activation (your Department will also be informed of your NetID); or (2) Retrieve your NetID by visiting http://netid.uconn.edu; selecting “Find your NetID”; and then selecting “Activate your NetID”. If you have difficulty with any of the above NetID procedures, and need access to University resources, please call the University Information Technology Services (UITS) Help Center for assistance at 860-486-4357 and select option 3. If your NetID is available, they will verify your identity and help you resolve your initial NetID needs. More NetID information can be found at http://netid.uconn.edu.

[Reimbursement of Moving Expenses, if applicable:


You are joining a University hallmarked by a sense of community in which diverse views are welcomed and respected and in which there is a sense of unity which comes from working together to effect constructive change. UConn is Connecticut’s only public research extensive university, a prestigious designation shared by only the nation's top higher education institutions. UConn emphasizes the discovery of knowledge through research and through the dissemination of that knowledge in learning and outreach. We have one goal: assuring the vitality and viability of the University of Connecticut for the benefit of the state and its citizens. We are delighted that you will be joining us in this effort.

Please indicate your acceptance of the offer by signing below and returning one copy of this letter to me, with your original signature, no later than ______.


______________________________ ______________________________

Department Head Dean


By accepting this appointment I agree to abide by all University policies including, but not limited to, the University’s Code of Conduct.

______________________________ ____________________

Signature of Acceptance Date

I am a U.S. citizen/permanent resident or an individual who has proper U.S. work authorization that will not require assistance/visa sponsorship from the University of Connecticut in the future.


I DO require assistance in extending or obtaining work authorization at the University of Connecticut to begin employment on the start date stated in this letter or in the future.


My current visa status is:                                        .   

My work authorization is valid until:                                                  . 


If you do require assistance in extending or obtaining work authorization at the University of Connecticut, please contact the Department of International Services and Programs (DISP) immediately at (860) 486-3855 and /or disp@uconn.edu.

cc: Provost


Department Head

Payroll Department

DISP (if applicable)

Enclosure: Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification cis.gov/files/form/i-9.pdf

Policies for review at http://policy.uconn.edu:

“Moving” Expenses Reimbursement: http://policy.uconn.edu/?p=987

“Consulting”: http://policy.uconn.edu/?p=155  

“Extra Compensation”: http://policy.uconn.edu/?p=366

“Code of Conduct” Guide: http://policy.uconn.edu/?p=140

Additional Information

 Faculty and Staff Resource Guide (http://resource.uconn.edu/new_fac_staff/index.html)

 Affordable Care Act Notice (http://hr.uconn.edu/docs/affordable_care_act_notice_2013.pdf)

Last updated, October 2013